LISTEN: Feel the Nostalgia with Readership’s New Single, ‘Bleeding Hearts’

Philly-based indie rock band Readership’s new heartbreak single, “Bleeding Hearts,” will catch you in a 90’s alternative daydream.

Click “play” on Readership’s latest single, close your eyes, and sit back. Feel the nostalgic waft of influences ranging from The Cure, to REM and The Pixies seep through your mind in the arrangement while guest vocalist (and fellow Philly-based singer-songwriter) Annalise Curtin drives home the vibe with her Alanis Morissette-meets-Sinead O’Connor-esque vocals. Readership’s Adrian Morse “creates stories from historical yarns, literary scenes, and relatable blunders of the human experience,” and lyrically, this song is truly a prime example of that style.

Waste of pixels, waste of paint
Bite your tongue and contemplate
It’s a wreck by a thousand shakes
And we've all had bleeding hearts for something.
-"Bleeding Hearts", Readership

This is music to fill the air for your late summer picnic, or to sing along with on an open-windowed drive down a tree-lined highway, “Bleeding Hearts,” the second single off the upcoming album, Future Perfect (coming Sept 4), is a warm weather jam for sure. Check it out below! / Facebook / Instagram

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