UMC20: 20 Delicious Musical Flavors! (Aug. 18, 2020)

Beat the heat with the many treats UMC20 has in store this week!

Look, summer is running out, so we need to use up all of our hot weather puns before it’s too late. Regardless, let’s get past that and get to this week’s playlist. There’s tons of new stuff on here, and variety is the name of the game, as it tends to be around here on Tuesdays.

You came here to check it out for yourself, so let’s not waste any time. Find something that suits your taste below!

Track listing
Flux Psyche – In Flux
Eliyya Lane – People Pleaser
DaChri – Desperate
AMI – Smile
Yearlove – Style and Substance
Empty Atlas – Birthday
Danny Pynes – Gallows
Sarah Bailey – Unknowingly Said Goodbye
Readership ft. Annalise Curtin – Bleeding Hearts
Meredith Shock – Happy Songs
Andrew LaVogue – Oh, Sunny Day!
The Aquaducks – Wanna Do (Funk With You)
Andrew C. Marshall – Cool Cat
Lyn Koonce – These Days
Skylar Gregg – Roses
Ali Aslam – Wise Man & The Fool
Stevie Zita – Indigo
Wolforna – I Came to Your Shores
Midtones – Believer
Rofo Audio – Walls

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