The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, August 18

Soul singer Morgan Bosman has teamed up with producer Nik Lizcano on a fresh new single that speaks to the times.

“No Time” was inspired by a young man who was robbed at gunpoint outside of his Nashville home. The incident compelled the pair to write about society’s increasing desensitization to cases of gun violence and other issues, including the opioid crisis and families being broken up by ICE. On “No Time,” Bosman’s smoky vocals reside over a bright, future pop-meets-neo-soul soundscape, resulting in a dynamic new release that serves as a societal wake-up call.

“The main point of the song is a ‘call-to-action,’ saying that we can’t just let ourselves be passive about the issues, (and) that we all have a limited time here on Earth to make a difference,” said Lizcano, who co-wrote and produced the track.

Take the time and hear this message, courtesy of today’s Daily Spinn!

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