WATCH: Sam Roberts Band Explore the Future with New Video

I must say, we were pretty excited to see a submission from Sam Roberts Band come into our inbox. For one thing, Roberts is #59 on Billboard’s Top 150 Overall Selling Canadian Artists. The band has won six Juno Awards, five Much Music Awards. They’ve brought their highly-regarded live performances to late night television and major festivals alike, and even shared the stage with Canadian music royalty, The Tragically Hip, in Bobcaygeon.

Having said all of that, we’re even more excited that this submission — the band’s video for their single, “I Like The Way You Talk About The Future” — has arrived at just the right time, with the world at a collective crossroads.

Driven by a trippy visual narrative designed and edited by Jordan Allen of WHAT GIFS, “I Like The Way You Talk About The Future” is a work of art that calls the rigors of the rat race into question. The video and its accompanying single closely examine the methods and measurements of success in 21st Century Western society, while keeping an open mind to new possibilities.

“Essentially, in my mind, it comes back to the need for some light. A way forward,” Roberts said. “To shine some kind of bright light on the future, the path that we’re walking, and not giving in to despair.”

Sonically, the single is driven forward by a pulsing, persistent drum beat and a fuzzy bass groove, which lays the foundation for a exquisitely layered psychedelic soundscape that reverberates in the listener’s mind, body, and soul.

Enticed yet? Well then, dive on into the “Future” below!

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