Pozzi’s Debut Album ‘Tyrant’ Is An Alt-Rock Masterpiece

After carefully piecing together two years worth of material, LA-based songwriter Pozzi has released his debut album. In his own words, Tyrant serves as “a social commentary on key issues facing our world today including oppression, political strife, society, and more.”

In My Own City” kicks off the album with a story of home not quite feeling the same as it always has. In this instance, that is ultimately a good thing. Citing his journey to sobriety, Pozzi sheds beliefs placed upon him in his youth, as he realizes that feeling “different” is actually more common than he originally thought, and that feeling “like a tourist” in his own city is actually a liberating sentiment.

Up next is “A Touch Of Pain.” The story of a relationship lost, this synth-fueled instant classic is a realization of a way forward, and a reflection on the damage left. Then, “Rings of Smoke” takes place inside of a dream world; a place where memories can freely be relived, with a longing to hold onto experiences and people. Pozzi states, “I will never let you go, so come find me through the rings of smoke.” This track is percussive, yet gentle; rich, yet delicate, and extremely well-crafted.

Following that is the title track and protest anthem, “Tyrant.” Our past review of that can be found here.

The fingerstyle guitar that kicks off “Like A Child” serves as a well-placed breather on our trip through this album. The sparse and delicate soundscape features a beautiful cello arrangement, flowing harmonies, and piano to lift up Pozzi’s retrospective lyric. Then, “Losing You To Gravity” is a sentimental ballad about the darkness surrounding losing a loved one. This song is simple, yet effective, conjuring up clear and powerful images in a beautiful tribute.

Things pick up a bit again with “The Longest Night,” a driving rock song summed up best by the line, “you treat love like you’ve never lost it.” This is a somewhat sad message, packaged in a blissful and summery record.

Pozzi rounds off the album with “From The Ashes.” With this song, he comments on the repetition of history. “From the ashes, we rise and we fall” provides a message of hope to a world that is in desperate need. The closing line, “everything changes and nothing changes,” struck me in a particular way, offering a bleak reflection on the passing of time to cap an empowering track.

In conclusion, Tyrant was an incredibly enjoyable album to experience. I found myself getting lost in the lyrical mastery of Pozzi throughout much of it. It’s out now — embark on the journey for yourself below!

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