Mighty Brother Explores Duality with ‘The Rabbit. The Owl.’ Double Album

Duality, evolution, exploration, reflection — these are some of the driving themes to Mighty Brother’s double album release: The Rabbit. The Owl.

The timing of these two albums couldn’t be more fitting for the season. The Rabbit. is sunny, summery, and upbeat. The Owl. is dark, deep, contemplative, and stormy. Together, the two showcase altering sides to Mighty Brother and the way they view the world.

“The way we act in the world changes us, creates the mental environment for our next thoughts,” said vocalist Nick Huster. “Those thoughts lead to actions and so on. Our intent means something, but it is not so important as our impact on others and on the world.”

The Rabbit

Musically, this album is a perfect summer soundtrack with vintage vibes. Imagine a road trip down a long, lonely highway, top down, and your best girl by your side, with spontaneous dancing and campside bonfires along the way. You’ll find yourself humming along and tapping your foot before you even know the words. This album belongs on a mixtape alongside songs by the Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, Beck, Decemberists, and Mumford and Sons.

Track listing

  1. Summer Road
  2. Monkey Bars
  3. Sunrise
  4. Wilderness
  5. Long Gone
  6. Patchman
  7. Icarus
  8. Vandal

The Owl

Meanwhile, this album should be played through vintage speakers on a brisk fall evening, with a large glass of merlot in hand, as you browse a coffee table book full of strange art by the firelight. Poetic lyrics and passionate vocals abound, contemplation and introspection is the name of the game while enjoying this masterpiece. Reminisce fondly to these unique grooves — you’ll be reminded of the likes of Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd.

Track listing

  1. Naked Winter
  2. Desolate
  3. Escape Velocity
  4. White Bones Dry
  5. Wolfchild
  6. Moses
  7. Moon to the River
  8. Villain

This five-piece indie rock band from New Orleans will certainly have you grooving, feeling, and thinking. Check out The Rabbit. The Owl. below, and check these links to follow Mighty Brother everywhere: Website / Instagram / Facebook.

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