LISTEN: Soheill ‘Can’t Stop Thinking’ About the World’s Most Powerful Drug

Toxic love. What a drug. 

Iranian-born Soheill brought his passion for music with him to America as a child, and boy, can you hear it come through loud and clear in his new single, “Can’t Stop Thinking.” The all-consuming sounds perfectly represent that all-consuming feeling of sweet, sweet, toxic love.

Life was easy
You complicated everything
It wasn't meant to be
My armor couldn't shelter me...
...Look what you’ve done to me
-Soheill, Can't Stop Thinking

Thunderous synth and guitar hit over and over like a million punches to the heart, while Soheil’s passionate vocals pull lust, desire, and destruction right out of thin air. For reference, think AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, and Muse.

The song “is about the unraveling that happens when you fall for a toxic person. You know it’s wrong, but you can’t help yourself,” Soheill explains.

You’ll want to unravel every thread of this sexy, moody banger. Don’t resist the temptation: take a listen here!

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