UMC20: The Best of August 2020

As August ends, we can’t help but wonder where our summer has gone.

Nonetheless, this month’s Best of UMC20 gives us plenty of good reasons to look back on it fondly.

All we know is that, if the months keep churning out as much quality content as we’ve seen so far in 2020, we’re going to have a reeeeeal hard time narrowing down our year-end compilation. Narrowing it down to 50 tracks last year was hard enough. Considering how many more submissions we’ve received this year? Impossible, I say!

We’ll worry about that toward the end of November. For now, bask in the golden hour just a little bit longer, and enjoy this month’s volume below!

Track listing
Clover Jamez – At Ease (Black Lieutenant)
Eliyya Lane – People Pleaser
Kate Puckett – But R U Happy?
DaChri – Desperate
Michael Flynn – Easy to Love
Halley Neal – If I Was Ready
Melanie Bresnan – Don’t Wanna Feel
Ski Team – Don’t Give Up (Yet)
Allison Leah – We Can Still Sing
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Something’s Going On
Readership ft. Annalise Curtin – Bleeding Hearts
Meredith Shock – Happy Songs
Leaving Lennox – Not Ready (To Leave Just Yet)
Laura Mustard – Treehouse
Ali Aslam – Wise Man & The Fool
Andrew C. Marshall – Cool Cat
Danny Wright – Help
Lone Kodiak – Make It a Weapon
Rofo Audio – Walls
Andrew LaVogue – Footfalls Echo

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