The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, August 28

We’re currently digging on In the Box, the latest full-length effort from Nashville indie rockers, Midtones.

The band attributes its dreamy sound to a variety of influences, combining a modern, War on Drugs-like indie rock sensibility with classic rock guitars and a straightforward, garage rock drumming style. It all comes together on tunes like the album’s opening track, “Believer,” which carries a spacious, slightly-psychedelic ambiance shimmers in the summer twilight, and which finds a little extra shine when the tune’s bright, harmony-rich refrain kicks in.

“Believer” — alongside the entire In the Box album — was mixed, mastered, and produced by Bernie Chiaravalle, who has spent decades playing lead guitar for Michael McDonald. Check out the tune as today’s Daily Spinn below, and be sure to give the full album some Spinns. (See what we did there?)

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