LISTEN: Lyn Koonce Helps Us ‘Begin Again’

Like any major life transition, the end of a long-term relationship can cause rippling, wholesale changes in a person’s life.

For Lyn Koonce, the end of a 17-year relationship in 2016 served as that kind of turning point — one which led her to pursue music full-time and, eventually, find true love.

On her new album Begin Again, Koonce takes us on that journey of self-discovery, using her stories of love and loss to inspire listeners to get in touch with their true selves.

“A huge part of this album is finding the truth of who I am and what I settled for,” Koonce shares. “When I started to believe in who I am as an artist and as a person, that’s when it became clear.”

These themes of newfound hope are present from the very beginning. Opening track “Making My Way Without You” immediately comes to the crossroads of acknowledging that life goes on, even if you don’t understand how it can, without such an integral figure in your life. The methodical, yet steadfast drumbeat underscores this a sense of pushing through. That survival instinct kicks in on title track “Begin Again,” where we can feel Koonce willing herself through the pain, day by day. Later on the record, however, that pain hits full-force: “Turn to Water” provides a view from the wreckage of a life unraveled, and examines the self-doubt and disappointment that comes with it.

For all of its introspection, the album features up-tempo moments that serve as breakthroughs in our protagonist’s journey. “Eviction” is an upbeat, sassy moment that rattles off the upsides that arise, after a long-term love hits the skids. Later, “Foot Stompin'” lives up to its name gleefully, as Koonce sings of a new love that feels different from any she’s ever known.

One more note: Fans of the legendary Townes Van Zandt will love Koonce’s cover of “If I Needed You,” where Barry Walsh’s accordion lends a starry-night romanticism to the soundscape.

Take the journey with Lyn Koonce, and dive into Begin Again below!

Track listing
Making My Way Without You
Begin Again
The River
These Days
Turn to Water
The Park
Foot Stompin’
Hold You Home
If I Needed You

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