Nashville Chamber’s 2020 Music Study Surveys to Measure Industry’s COVID Challenges

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce wants to know how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the music industry and its patrons.

The Chamber, in conjunction with Exploration Group, is generating a report to examine the major challenges the industry has faced in the wake of COVID-19, while also looking to the industry’s future. To help them in their mission, they have invited the public to participate in its 2020 Music Study Surveys.

“Our goal with this research is to leave no rock unturned,” said Jacob Wunderlich, Director of Business Development & Research for Exploration Group. “We’ve conducted stakeholder interviews, developed surveys to address observable trends in the market, formulated economic impact analyses, and more. The qualitative and quantitative data from our final report will clarify the effects of COVID-19 on the music industry, and light the path ahead for musicians and music business owners alike.”

Both organizations are confident that the input received on the surveys will help to “(illustrate) the state of the music industry at this crucial time.” There are two different surveys — one for music industry professionals, and another for music consumers. The surveys are estimated to take 10-15 minutes to complete, and responses are welcome from participants in all locations.

Learn more about the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Music Study Surveys at this link.

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