‘That Early Love’: An Infectious, Dreamy Pop Single From Natalie Schlabs

Photo credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Nashville-based songstress Natalie Schlabs has dropped “That Early Love,” the latest infectious and dreamy pop single in anticipation for her album, Don’t Look Too Close, set for release October 16.

Schlabs’ warm, easygoing vocals tell a heartfelt tale of passion that has never faded. As the story progresses, the arrangement effortlessly allows you to feel the passing of time. The delicate strings, subtle harmonies, and spacey guitars all gracefully flow through one another, while still revolving around the single constant: “that early love lingering has gotta be the best damn thing.”

Natalie has kept herself busy this year, and we are all reaping the benefits. While you wait for Don’t Look Too Close to drop on October 16, stream “That Early Love” below!

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