On the Tip of Your Tongue Says ‘Cheers’ to Newfound Freedom

Letting go can be painful, but it’s often liberating and necessary for personal growth.

That’s the sentiment behind “Cheers,” the latest single from Nashville pop punks On the Tip of Your Tongue. Fans of Weezer and Wheatus will gravitate toward this upbeat and instantly catchy breakup song, which encourages us to accept what we can’t change and move ahead with optimism.

“Cheers” is more than just a breakup song. It’s a favorite among the band’s growing fan base, and was instrumental in the band’s own evolution, according to frontman Matteo Rosa.

“This song is so well loved amongst our fanbase that it is almost synonymous with us as a band,” Rosa noted. “It represents the very formation of the band, and it really feels like our final link to the garage days of our silly little project.”

Raise a glass and say “Cheers” to better days ahead. Check it out below!

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