WATCH: Richitta Sends a Warning to Cheaters on ‘Quit Playin’

Gentlemen, heed this warning: the games you play will catch up with you.

Need to see it play out before your eyes? Well, then strap on in and watch Richitta’s lyric video for her latest single, “Quit Playin.” The visuals feature a shifty boyfriend, portrayed by Cortez Bonds, getting caught in the act of dividing his attention between two women, and having to suffer the consequences of his actions.

Sonically, the single throws us back to turn-of-the-Millennium R&B. “Quit Playin” draws its soulful inspiration from sources like Brandy and the late Aaliyah, with a slick pop presentation reminiscent of The Writing’s On The Wall-era Destiny’s Child.

Let’s stop messing around, then, and give you what you came here for. Check out “Quit Playin” below!

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