LISTEN: Holly Clausius Releases Infectious ‘Sunflower’ EP

Last week, I took a virtual trip to Toronto, ON to attend the listening party for Holly Clausius’ newest EP, Sunflower. Many of her collaborators were present –including Kyle Gamble, Olivia Guselle, Alex Purcell, and a number of fans (myself included) — to hear an EP packed with brilliantly-told stories.

Kicking it off is the title track, “Sunflower.” This beautiful tribute portrays a friend gone too soon as one of Clausius’ favorite flowers, as she reminisces in an infectious acousticpop manner.

Clausius then gets candid about sexuality with “Yellow Dress.” At the release party, she talked about how this was the first song she had written for another girl. By the time it was through, Holly’s affinity for storytelling had us all falling in love with the “girl in the yellow dress.”

Leo’s Song” is up next, and it’s a grippingly dramatic tale of someone yearning for attention, and a love that is “purr”fectly imperfect. (Yes, this is the ballad of a needy feline.)

Next, “Fast Forward” showcases the true capabilities of Clausius’ artistry. Her delicate, yet confident vocals offer a somber look back on a seemingly complicated relationship. “I would have stayed if you weren’t afraid to fall in love” she states, precluding her plea to skip the heartbreak and “fast forward to being friends” — a relatable stance on inevitable emotional turmoil.

Ending the EP on a note of gratitude, “Safe” is a perfectly stripped back ending to a dynamic project. Featuring a simple ensemble of voice and guitar, Clausius makes it abundantly clear that not much more than that is needed to impress.

Get a taste of Sunflower in its entirety below!

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