The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, Sept. 10

Nashville’s Wild Love has toured the United States, and its members have roots all over the world. Irish-born frontman Brandon Gorman met bassist Si Geçener (from Turkey) and percussionist Nolan Speer (Germany) during a chance encounter at a bus stop in high school. Together with New York native Michael Crecca (guitar), the quartet has enjoyed success right here in Nashville, reaching the finals of Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem competition at Marathon Music Works and performing at the 2019 Live on the Green Festival.

That leads us to the present day. The band’s momentum has carried it to a pivotal point, with plenty of music on tap as 2020 fades into the New Year.

The first new single, “Seasonal,” was released Sept. 3, and it stands out in any season. The tune, in the band’s own words, “is a coming-of-age anthem that serves as a reminder that relationships will change with the seasons, but love worth fighting for will weather the test of time.” Memorable guitar work and hard-driving rhythms push “Seasonal” forward, while Gorman’s bright, hopeful hook makes the single a true modern rock gem.

“Seasonal” is the first of many songs to come from Wild Love. The new tunes were written over the winter and throughout quarantine, and will represent some of the band’s darkest, most authentic work to date.

“With (these songs), I can directly pinpoint what moment in my life I was writing from, and know exactly what I was trying to say,” Gorman said.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next. Until then, join us in enjoying “Seasonal” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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