LISTEN: Alfah Femmes ‘No Need to Die’ Delivers Rich Pop Nostalgia

Buckle up, because today, we’re taking you all the way to Europe.

Specifically, we’re heading to Poland. That’s where six-piece pop band Alfah Femmes reside, as they prepare to release their forthcoming album, No Need to Die, on Oct. 24.

The title track, “No Need to Die,” has been out since Aug, 21, and is an electronic pop jam for the ages. The single combining the heavy influence of 80s electropop with the artist-driven dance pop of the new millennium. Frontwoman Zofia Bartos’ vocal evokes Madonna in her prime, as she delivers what the band describes as “a love confession in the circumstance of different battles, both internal and with the outside world.”

After one listen to this, you’ll find that electronic pop is alive and well. Check out “No Need to Die” below!

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