UMC20: Halfway Through September (Sept. 15, 2020)

To give you a little bit of inside baseball, one of the pleasant consequences of curating a weekly playlist is that it gives us 20 automatic slots to feature artists, week in and week out. When your inbox looks like ours does these days — still, and probably forever, catching up from being out of town — that’s nothing short of a blessing to get this music featured.

This week’s UMC20 is no different. We have a lot of first-timers on this one, whose music has come to us from far and wide. We also have a few familiar faces, and even a sign or two of things to come around here as we progress toward fall.

Let’s not wait any longer. Dive into the week’s batch of fresh, hot fire below!

Track listing
TYM ft. Timothy Myles – Watch Your Back
Elvira – Envious
Peter Katz – KMOTM
Logan Smith – Baby, You Might Kill Me
Z – Character
The Duskwhales – Dressed in Lilac
The Blam Blams – Out of Words
Catie Trainor – Riddle Me This
Dark McGwire – Blur
Jared Minnix – LMLY
Seint Monet – 32 Degrees
Seul – Loser
Caley Rose – Even When
Samantha Tieger – You Light Me Up
The Zolas – Wreck Beach/Totem Park
Tyson Kelly – Am I Ever Gonna See You Again
The Trusted – The Innocent
Katie McGhie – Where You Roam
Nick Ryan – A Change Will Do You Good
Billy Bauer Band – So I Love

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