‘Songbird’: A Record Inspired by Transgression and Trespass by Izzy Heltai

Massachusetts’ indie-folk artist Izzy Heltai brings us “Songbird,” a record inspired by transgression and trespass.

After a night of performing in Pittsburgh, Heltai retired to his luxurious and spacious accommodations in the parking lot of a Walmart. As he settled into the backseat of his car for a peaceful evening, he was interrupted by the law. At the request of security, Izzy went off to secure another piece of asphalt nearby for the remainder of the evening. Come the morning, “Songbird” was waiting.

It’s raw, gentle, incredibly emotional, and gracefully tells a story without saying too much — something for which I hold a great appreciation. The lyric “Maybe I just messed up trying to sleep with someone who’s never been affected by the cold” serves as a great summary for this record. Izzy reflects poetically on past encounters, and gives a vulnerable look into his personal life.

The latest releases from Heltai feel like big steps from the 2019 material — big steps in the right direction, in my humble opinion. His debut album, Father, is slated for release on October 9. In the interim, enjoy “Songbird” below!

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