The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, Sept. 21

“Am I more than what I’ve been,
Or is there something we’ve missed?

Am I alright with nothing changing?
Am I alright with staying just like this?”

Those questions — which serve as a difficult, but ultimately rewarding look in the mirror — help to comprise “Photocopy,” the reflective single from New York supersonic folk artist Ali Aslam. The new tune — another taste of Aslam’s forthcoming full-length record, The Last American — observes the ways we look upon ourselves, offering us the opportunity to view the person in the glass in a different light.

The lyric video — released on Friday — takes the song’s reflective nature up to 11, offering an upside-down perspective on many of New York City’s famous landmarks. This powerful imagery presents the notion that there is always another viewpoint we can take — even when it comes to that which we hold most familiar.

Check “Photocopy” out below, and get your week of Daily Spinns started off right!

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