The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, Sept. 23

When COVID-19 shut Nashville’s nightlife scene down, bachelorettes everywhere were certainly devastated by the news.

For our genre-fluid friends in Spirits Republic, however, it was an opportunity to tell an exciting story, full of twists and turns!

We see this vision come to life with “On & Bound,” the new single and video released by the trio this past Friday. We follow a blushing bride-to-be (played by bearded drummer Perry Dornbush) through her COVID-affected bachelorette experience, where only one friend shows up due to the pandemic. Despite the restrictions, the besties still find plenty of adventure — even if some of it isn’t what they bargained for.

As for the song, “On & Bound” is an unpredictable funk rock joyride, noted for some stellar bass work from Ricky DeMeo that absolutely slaps. It’s a perfectly wild soundtrack for a night of debauchery, and you can enjoy the full experience below as today’s Daily Spinn!

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