‘Live from the 615’ Offers Artists High-Quality Live Streaming Opportunities

Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME), Underground Music Collective (UMC), and Center 615 are on a mission to make live streaming make sense for the Nashville music community. Live from the 615 is a weekly opportunity for artists and community partners to execute high-quality live broadcast productions – without breaking their pockets.

Every Friday beginning Oct. 2, artists will have the opportunity to perform a fully produced, 30-minute live stream set from the HOME Stage at 615 Main St. in East Nashville. 

Live from the 615 welcomes acts of all kinds to the stage, with acoustic slots taking place from 12-4 p.m. for only $100, and full band slots from 6-10:30 p.m. for only $200. The cost of production includes:

  • Backlined drums and bass
  • Three (3) camera angles
  • Audio engineer
  • Camera operator
  • Distribution to multiple platforms

“Artists are looking for ways to engage with their audiences and overcome the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gerard Longo, Founder of Underground Music Collective. “Live from the 615 gives artists that opportunity, while providing them with exceptional production value for their budget.”

Live from the 615 also provides trade-based partnership opportunities for other organizations within the music community. Participating organizations will be granted a monthly production slot with the ability to choose their own artist or feature. These productions will be syndicated across multiple partner platforms, including HOME and UMC channels.

“We have been live streaming from the HOME facility for well over two years. Thankfully, we invested in the infrastructure early on to provide high-quality broadcasting capabilities for musicians and content producers,” said Logan Crowell, Founder/President of Helping Our Music Evolve. “Live from the 615 is our way of helping creators make live streaming a profitable and sustainable way to reach and grow their audience.”

For general information on Live from the 615, please visit homeformusic.org/live-615. For booking inquiries, contact Gerard Longo, UMC Founder, at gerard@umusiccollective.com. For partnership inquiries, contact Logan Crowell, HOME Founder/President, at logan@homeformusic.org.

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