The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, Sept. 28

If we can be real for a second — and, even though UMC’s entire existence hinges on hyperconnectivity — it’s been easy to get a little “Tired of the Internet” from time to time since the pandemic began.

Anna Claire Loftis feels the same way. The Nashville-based pop artist released her new single, “Tired of the Internet,” on Friday. The single examines the pitfalls of being connected all. the. time., and how those have been further exposed since COVID-19 locked us all inside of our houses.

“This song encapsulates how I felt during the peak of quarantine. With technology being easily accessible at home, it was not hard for me to perceive the flaws of how social media seems to rewire our brains,” Loftis said. “Using imagery and metaphors of the Garden of Eden, we see the temptation of projecting a falsified image online and forgetting who we truly are — alluding to the temptation Adam and Eve felt when they took a bit of the forbidden fruit.”

By now, we’re sure you’re feeling tempted to get ears on this one. Enjoy it as the Daily Spinn that starts your week!

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