The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, Oct. 2

Over the course of the spring and summer, we were offered many tastes of Laura Mustard‘s Treehouse EP. We learned that “Nobody’s Road” is ever even throughout the course of life. Then, “Eager” taught us to celebrate our mistakes in front of a Motown-inspired backdrop, before we escaped to the “Treehouse” itself.

Now that the full EP is out, we’re excited to take you through it. On Treehouse, you will find stories about the warts-and-all nature of the human experience; stories that are complete with themes of self-doubt and self-acceptance, and which teach us to find love for ourselves and one another, regardless of our imperfections.

The notion of self-doubt comes in hot on “She Must Go,” a raw ballad that describes the process of turning shame into self-love by personifying — and ultimately, rallying against — the deprecating echoes of the past. On the next track, however, we learn that finding this sense of resilience is not a linear process. “Teach Me How to Lie” hits on the anxiety that comes with being upfront about our imperfections, before triumphantly arriving at a place of internal validation.

Treehouse also has its share of warm-and-fuzzy relationship content. A prime example is “Spin” (ft. Mary Kutter), an upbeat moment with down-home country sensibility that conjures images of snowfall on a lazy Sunday morning. On “Spin,” Mustard waxes poetic about the simple pleasures of having nothing to do, except turn off the world outside and remain enveloped in a lover’s arms.

On Treehouse, Laura Mustard has captured the authenticity of our insecurities, while showing how an optimist’s outlook can help us find peace within them. Climb on up and explore this special Daily Spinn for yourself!

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