On ‘Mansion,’ Riley Moore Sings of Boundless Love

Oh, the ways we’ll hang on for the ones we love…

Nashville’s Riley Moore explores that “never say die” attitude on “Mansion,” a tender indie folk ballad released this week. Produced by Cheyenne Meaders (The Secret Sisters, Sam Outlaw, Sarah Darling), the single is inspired by a crush Moore developed on a girl he met on tour, and features some sweet backing vocals from fellow Nashville-based songwriter Molly Parden.

“This is a song about me buying a t-shirt with a drawing of an anteater eating some ants for a girl I had a deep crush on, and longing for the day I may see her again to deliver the shirt,” Moore recalls. “From the moment that I met her I became more and more enthralled, drifting further and further down the avenue of enchantment—a street with no turns and no outlet.”

Listen to this gentle tale of enduring love. “Mansion” is here for you below!

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