Daily Spinn: With ‘Rivers,’ AGE of the BEAR Makes an Emotive, Introspective Debut

We’ve always known Anthony Cubbage to be an innovative songsmith – one whose abilities as a songwriter, performer, and producer uniquely position him to do just about anything he pleases in the world of music.

After listening through Rivers – his first full-length release under his alt-folk project, AGE of the BEAR – we’re doubling down. Cubbage can go anywhere, into any genre he pleases, and deliver the goods.

Rivers features songs written and recorded – in some cases, multiple times – from 2014 onward. The album begins gently with “Mistakes,” a ballad which comes to terms with life’s imperfect journey, and which features vocal layers that serve as a nod to Cubbage’s previously explored alt-pop sensibilities.

Among the album’s numerous highlights is “Going With The Flow.” This nifty, finger-picked tune leads us to analyze the ways in which we compare ourselves in the digital age, before urging us to look within for validation, and concede the things we can’t control. Later on, “Wish” revisits that theme, as it hits on our propensity to view ourselves as all of the things we think we’re not.

Another must-listen track is “Translucent,” a waltz best listened to for moments when the world feels as though it’s crashing down, and we’re left with the haze of uncertainty brought about by what we’ve lost. Through the fog, however, there is a burst of resilience, brought forth by an emotive string arrangement from Jacob Kerzner that features violinist Chris Lorenzetti and cellist Tynan Hooker-Haring.

In all, Rivers flows exquisitely, introspectively examining the human condition, the meaning and validation we all seek, and the feelings we all share, but often find difficult to express. We encourage you to try it out for yourself below!

Track listing:
Have Yet To Die
Going With The Flow
How I Was Made

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