UMC20: Do These Jams Come in Pumpkin Spice? (Oct. 5, 2020)

You may not be able to physically taste these 20 flavors, but they sure are spicy.

There are also a couple of songs on the spookier side here, to fit with the season. Generally, that might have more to do with the general state of things than Halloween being a few short weeks away, but nonetheless, there are some vibes here that fit right in with the times.

That’s not to say the entire playlist is morbid. It’s not. There’s definitely some fun here to, and we want to give you a chance to dig into it below!

Track listing
TIOGA – Imaginary Friend
Thunder Eagle – Sweet Anna
Vanity Fear – Virus
Dil – Love Lies
PuffHost – Dark Times
Max Swan – Two for the Road
Paige Keiner – Inside My Mind
A’Rose & Z’Cano – Fine
Claire Maisto – Graduate
KING MALA – sugarblind
Anna Claire Loftis – Tired of the Internet
AGE of the BEAR – Translucent
Natalie Duque – Stay
Fresh Lady – Shoot for the Moon
Gabrielle Grace – We’ll Be Alright
Riley Moore ft. Molly Parden – Mansion
Gabrielle Metz – Thin Ice
Radio Romance – Sunday Fine
George Shingleton – Handful of Hell
Chuck Prophet – Get Off the Stage

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