Daily Spinn: Kenna’s ‘Static’ Now Has Visuals (with a Retro Vibe!)

Courtesy photo provided by Kenna.

Full disclosure: we’re still absolutely digging on Kenna’s new single, “Static,” since having the honor and privilege of premiering it a couple weeks back.

Now, we have a reason to love it even more!

The Nashville-based indie pop artist matched the cool, glowing retro-pop vibe of her new single with a video that provides its own dose of nostalgia. From the time we push play — seriously, the music starts when Kenna pushes “Play” on a Walkman containing the single on a Maxell cassette tape! — we’re invited into a technicolor landscape where, true to the song’s theme, Kenna observes the beauty of downtown Nashville through the static of everyday life.

As someone born in the 80s — is it bad that I’m giving away my approximate age? Is the industry supposed to know how old I am? this video’s vibe returns me to the golden days of my youth. Bask in its reminiscence, and enjoy it as today’s Daily Spinn!

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