Gabrielle Metz Provides a Glimpse into a Love Gone Wrong on ‘Thin Ice’

The wrong relationship can make it seem as though you are losing a part of yourself. Nonetheless, we’ll often hang on stubbornly, hoping that we can work through the differences and focus on love.

For Gabrielle Metz, that familiar feeling translated into her latest single.

The Nashville-based country songstress released “Thin Ice” last Friday. Co-written with Christie Huff and produced by Steve Kinney, the single helps us see the crash coming from a mile away, as a not-so-meant-to-be love approaches a crossroads.

“‘Thin Ice’ into those uneasy feelings, when a relationship causes you to feel like you are losing who you are,” Metz said. “You’re trying to find your footing to salvage the relationship, or move on.”

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