Daily Spinn: John Lensing’s ‘Talk To Me’ Reminds Us About Patience and Persistence

No Depression Artist to Watch John Lensing writes from a place of thoughtful, quiet confidence. Frequently touching on topics of mental health, Lensing’s songwriting creates a space where both he and his listeners can feel comfortable in their vulnerability.

That can be felt on the Denver-based songwriter’s latest single, “Talk To Me.” The tune — a cross-section of folk and modern bedroom pop — lets us know that, whatever we are striving toward or going through, that it takes faith, patience, and persistence to achieve the result we desire.

“This song is about communication. A lot of the choruses are reminders to myself — the things you have to push through to keep trying,” Lensing said. “Sometimes, you just need to remind yourself that everything takes time. I think a lot of people struggle with that idea.”

If that sounds like you, “Talk To Me” is for you. Check it out below!

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