UMC20: October Variety Pack! (Oct. 13, 2020)

This week’s edition of UMC20 truly has it all, friends.

Want hip hop? It leads us off this week, featuring artists from the Heal Hop benefit we helped produce at Helping Our Music Evolve! Want pop? We’ve got that. Rock and soul? Plenty to go around! Americana? Step right up!

It’s all fresh, and it’s all below. Check it out, and be sure to head over to Spotify and give UMC20 a follow for fresh updates every week!

Track listing
Heru Heru – Title
Lord Goldie ft. Taryn Coccia – Larry’s Reign
S-Wrap – C’est La Vie
SeddyMac – Show & Prove
PuffHost – Fake Happy
Anna Eisch – Personal Problem
Rose Starring – Sad Girl Summer
Jen Miller – Mr. Bulletproof
Rival Summers – Moment to Moment
Natalie Schlabs – Eye of the Storm
Rakes – Long Road
The Heavy Hive – Dancing With Leeches
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Monster
Phillip-Michael Scales – O, Hallelujah
Jutaun – Where Do We Go
Wesley David – The Process
AGE of the BEAR – Have Yet To Die
Selena Rosanbalm – Gut Punch
Cat Lines – Let ‘Em Talk
George Shingleton – Have a Good Time

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