On ‘How Does It Feel,’ Lizzie Weber Offers Gratitude in the Face of Overwhelm

On the title track of her forthcoming EP, Lizzie Weber expresses what it feels like to have the support you need in challenging times, like the kind we’ve all been facing these last few months. So, “How Does It Feel?”

It feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket and loving arms; a comforting, empathetic embrace, reminding you you’re strong enough to keep going. 

“I wrote ‘How Does It Feel’ in about an hour. I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything so quickly,” she explains. “More than anything, it felt like a stream of subconscious emotion coming to the surface. I started with just an acoustic and vocal track, then began arranging with the rhythm and string section in my home studio prior to the musicians tracking their parts. I assumed remote work would be quite difficult, because I’d relied so much on in-person work and the collaborative energy that helps bring a piece to life. I’m quite proud of this song, and hope it resonates with listeners. In a time where so many are suffering, emotionally or physically, or both, I wanted to express my own vulnerability, and make art that highlights how that openness calls for empathy, from our closest loved ones and strangers alike.”

This year has taught many of us lessons in patience, compassion, and communication. We’ve learned our limits, our needs, and our strengths and weaknesses. This song is an anthem of those lessons; a self-compassionate message, gifted through the unconditional love of another. 

“How Does It Feel” is a reminder to keep giving each other and ourselves the messages we all need to hear right now: You are loved. It’s OK to have a hard time. We’re in this together. You’re going to get through. I’m here for you.

“You see the light in me, so the fight in me lives on.”

Love is powerful. Support is powerful. We all need each other now more than ever. Listen to “How Does It Feel,” and soak it in below.

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