PREMIERE: The Blowies Have Fun Examining Society’s Ills on Self-Titled Album

Austin, TX-based punks The Blowies are celebrating the release of their self-titled album in unconventional fashion. They are hosting a week full of programming titled The Blowies National Convention on their socials, where their aim is to heal the nation “one blowie at a time.”

With that, the record dropped today, and we have the honor and privilege of letting you know what to expect. First, let’s hear from the guys themselves…

“We’re very excited to finally put this album out. We truly believe that even though it’s wrapped up in humor, it has a lot of important things to say,” The Blowies said in an official statement. “We live in unprecedented times; thus, we are gifting the world this unprecedented album, and presently hope that our current president becomes unpresidented.”

The Blowies, eating some pizza.

That sentiment is certainly echoed on a few tracks throughout the album. Opening track “Dick in Chief” pulls no punches about The Blowies’ thoughts on the not-so-stable genius running the show, while “AK” turns focus to the stereotypical mindset of certain “patriots” among us. “Russian Democracy” is a high-powered, tongue-in-cheek ode to corrupt elections and their international consequences – think American Idiot kept raw and unfiltered, and fueled by a fifth of whiskey and a pack of smokes. Even “Tiny Hands” – clocking in at a grand total of 37 seconds and featuring all of two words – makes the band’s position on ol’ 45 crystal clear.

That isn’t to say this album is entirely political – not when there’s an entire society in need of ridicule! “Selfie Fucks” serves as an unabashed critique of our dependency on social media, and the comparison, FOMO, and short-lived validation that comes with falling down the rabbit hole. “Wifey,” meanwhile, idolizes the unattainable through the lens of a protagonist enjoying a centerfold all the way through the song’s *ahem*… climax. Right after that, “Do You Wanna Have Fun?” scoffs at the rules set forth by the “good book,” as it leads us to give ourselves fully to our devilish urges.

And of course, because it’s 2020, there’s even a ‘rona song! Closing track “CDC” directly addresses the COVID-19 guidelines we’ve all heard ad nauseum since March, while laughing at the mixed signals and uncertainty brought forth by ever-evolving guidelines.

Clearly unafraid to court controversy, The Blowies have fun in the process, making their voices heard over 12 tracks inspired by the times.

Ready for The Blowies National Convention? Check it out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. As for the album? Take a listen below!

Track listing
Dick in Chief
Selfie Fucks
Tiny Hands
Russian Democracy
Just Drink Beer Say Yes.
Do You Wanna Have Fun?
Why Should I Care?
Cherry Bomb
Been Up All Night

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