PREMIERE: The Slow Drag Knows That ‘Red Flag’ Only Makes You Want It More

TFW you know you can look, but you shouldn’t touch. And then, you reach out for a big handful anyway. That’s what The Slow Drag’s new banger, “Red Flag,” is all about.

An expression of uninhibited lust that’s full of temptation, attitude, and addictive hooks. “Sometimes, the right thing to do just doesn’t seem like a valid option.” says The Slow Drag of this southern rock-driven jam (think AC/DC and Them Dirty Roses).

Oh, we know…

“A shiny red button I shouldn’t be pressing, got my fingers all over you.” 

‘Red Flag’, The Slow Drag

Sizzling guitar licks matched with smokin’ hot lyrics, this top-requested fan favorite is self-produced by The Slow Drag himself, and co-written with the lovely and talented Carrie Welling (who has her own version of the song in her repertoire). You’re gonna wanna blast this one at full volume.

Go ahead, fondle that little button below and take it in. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t…

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