UMC20: Rock, Pop, and So Much More! (Oct. 20, 2020)

Sometimes, I think back to the day. The early day. Like, when I first launched The Quinn Spinn, and I was scouring Twitter, asking random bands I had never met if we could feature their music. That was 2013.

Fast forward to 2020, and our cup — and by that, I mean inbox — always runneth over with submissions from artists all over the world. Back in the day, there would be some episodes where I’d barely have enough music for a single episode. Now, we have a playlist of 20 songs that we update weekly, and we still can’t include everything we’d like!

What a nice “problem” to have, eh? Regardless, we have our 20 for this week, and they’re included below. Check it out, and make sure you head over there and follow the magic.

Track listing
Yard of Blondes – Do You Need More?
Burning Pools – White
The R Train – Take a Ride
The Tisburys – Broken Wing
The Slow Drag – Red Flag
The Blowies – CDC
DaChri – That Dude
Phillip-Michael Scales – Tell Me How I Sound Again
Jaymes Brass – No One Can
Victoria Bailey – Spent My Dime on White Wine
Lizzie Weber – How Does It Feel
Liz Bohannon – Wanted
Van Isaacson – Strangers
Me Nd Adam – The More I Grow Up
Falcon – The Good Stuff
daena – Bright Enough
Jeremy Stinson – Runnin’
Yelnats. – O.K.
PuffHost – Tragedy of the Week
Jeni Schapire – What’s in a Name

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