Daily Spinn: Jeremy Stinson Can’t Stop ‘Runnin’ Toward Heartbreak

We’ve all had that love that we knew wasn’t good for our health. Nonetheless, like a moth to the flame, we’ve collided with it head-first, time and time again.

Enter Jeremy Stinson, who released his latest single “Runnin” on October 16 as an ode to unrequited love. The South Carolina native brings his distinctive vocal tones to this infectious dance pop track, which stings on a level that is all-too-relatable with lyrics like…

“I’ve been chasing the idea that we could make this work, but you say it’s not in your design.
I know that you gave me a world of hurt. Oh, I loved it every time.”

“Runnin” is the latest sign of things to come from Stinson, and we’re here for whatever he brings next to Nashville’s flourishing indie pop landscape. For now, check this one out as today’s Daily Spinn!

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