Patrick Carpenter Provides Comfort in Chaos on ‘Down to the Water’

You may know Patrick Carpenter as a contemporary country artist. However, the Mississippi native has tapped into his spiritual side on his latest single.

Carpenter released “Down to the Water” last week as his first foray into the Worship genre. Carpenter’s Richie Sambora-meets-Brad Paisley guitar flair combines with the comforting tones of a Gospel choir, making for a moving new single that has been a long time coming.

“I was raised in Church. I played every Sunday back home at St. Matthews United Methodist Church. That place means the world to me,” Carpenter recalls. “Worship music has always been a big part of my life, and when I first moved to Nashville, I continued to look for a place to also use my talents in the worship band. I have been playing at Otter Creek in Brentwood, TN since 2017. I knew at some point I would start writing stuff that had a place in the Worship genre.”

“Down to the Water” is hymnal in its ability to ease a troubled soul — an idea not lost on Carpenter, as the world still struggles to find itself in the midst of 2020’s chaos.

“‘Down to the Water’ was never meant to be about COVID, and I never thought it would matter to the pandemic that has happened this year,” he said. “But, the more I saw the anxiety and uncertainty it was bringing people, this song felt like it could give comfort. This song is all about bringing your worries, depression, and anxiety to God, and this just feels like the right time to release it.”

We’re going to take you to church right now. Go “Down to the Water” and take a drink below!

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