Daily Spinn: Liz Bohannon Gets Vulnerable on ‘Wanted’

Sometimes, the best thing we can do to find closure is get as far away as possible, in search of a fresh start.

Liz Bohannon’s latest single, “Wanted,” captures what it’s like to pick up and move on from the things you wish turned out differently. The slow-burning country pop tune features an emotional vocal performance from Bohannon, in tandem with a forward-driving arpeggiation that seems to count the minutes and miles, as our protagonist charts a new course toward healing and perspective.

“I think many people will relate to the message, especially right now, when our daily life has changed so much and isolated us from one another to an unnatural degree,” Bohannon said. “It’s given me time to realize what’s really important, how fast time flies, and that we are not always promised tomorrow. So, that need for mending brokenness becomes an urgent matter. Life is precious, but there is also a tone of having so little to lose right now, yielding more courage to be vulnerable. If you can’t hug your loved ones, let them know you love them.”

This might just be the song you’ve “Wanted” all along. Start your weekend with this #DailySpinn!

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