Daily Spinn: Notelle’s Pain Inspires a ‘Diet Change’

Known for her distinctive “nightmare pop” sound, Nashville-based songstress Notelle reveals her softer, more vulnerable side on her latest single.

While heavy industrial bass tones still bleed into the soundscape, “Diet Change” gives Notelle a chance to cast her pain in a different light. Over a delicate, organic piano arrangement, Notelle’s airy vocals tell the story of heartbreak, and the realization that disappointment can be the catalyst we need to change the ways — and the people — we choose to love.

“As a songwriter, I write for others constantly, but with ‘Diet Change,’ I was truly writing for myself ,” Notelle said. “In that moment, I felt hopeless from a sickening breakup. I was drowning, emotionally cutting, struggling to find a way to cope with confusion, loss, pain, shame, guilt, grief, and grasping for hope — all of that at once. It was unbearable, but I had hit a point where I knew that, even though I wasn’t the only one wrapped up in this ending, even though there was someone else, somewhere else who was involved in this, he was irrelevant to me now. His loss, his pain, his shame, his guilt, his everything wasn’t mine anymore. It didn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter.”

If you’ve ever, in your soul, yearned for a fresh start, this Daily Spinn is for you. Check out “Diet Change” below!

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