Daily Spinn: Jeni Schapire Confronts One-Sided Relationships on New Single

We’ve all reached a tipping point in an unhealthy relationship or two. Sometimes, it comes at 4 a.m., and we must take what we’re feeling in that moment and get it on the page.

That’s what happened to Jeni Schapire, leading to her new single, “Learn the Lie” (released Oct. 23). The writing process began after a phone call, where Schapire realized just how underappreciated she felt in her relationship.

“‘Learn the Lie’ came from a relationship that felt very one sided. I wanted this person to be something they couldn’t be so, as I found out more about them, I was confronted by more and more truths I didn’t want to know,” Schapire said. “Additionally, it’s about them spilling their guts to me, and it not even mattering that I was the person on the other side.”

With the first verse soon in-hand, Schapire sent what she had over to collaborator Daniel Markus, who helped her complete the sound and the story.

“It’s the most evenly split track on the EP, in terms of writing,” Schapire noted. “It was really fun to send the session back and forth, elaborating on each other’s production, until eventually, we finished it via Facetime, while I was in a basement in upstate New York, and Daniel was at his parents’ house in Maryland.”

Indeed, releasing this slice of cinematic indie pop was liberating for Schapire, and a chance to connect with listeners who have endured similar relationships.

“As a finished product, the song really feels like me saying, ‘OK… I’m done with this feeling. I’m ready to walk away. No more,'” Schapire said. “I feel like this sentiment is something we have all felt. We have all felt unheard, unseen, and undervalued in our lives.”

If that sounds like you, at any point in your life, dig into our Daily Spinn below!

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