Daily Spinn: Ben Schuller Questions Our Thirst for Fame

What happens when the lengths we travel for fame stretch too far?

Ben Schuller — whose NerdOut YouTube music channel has recently surpassed 3 million subscribers — confronts our lust for recognition with his new single, “Pact Ink.” Featured on Schuller’s upcoming album, New Roaring 20’s, “Pact Ink” tells the tale of someone who will do anything for the spotlight — even if it means selling his soul.

“’Pact Ink’ hits on an emotion I’ve found myself digging into a few times — this thought that, to be happy, I need to get the top at any cost,” Schuller said. “It sounds admirable on its face — the same “do whatever it takes to win” mentality we usually praise. But is there a line? If you’re compromising who you are, are you actually going to be content when you get there? There’s a low point where you stop caring, (and) you give in.”

Supporting the new single and its ice cold, haunting soundscape is a powerful new music video which features Schuller — with vacant eyes and tired expressions — in compromising positions that weigh the true price of fame. Schuller spends the video walking over coals and signing his life away in blood, seemingly numb to the pain, but with lifeless body language that suggests a deep inner resentment.

This one’s impactful, and it’s here for you as today’s Daily Spinn!

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