The Tisburys Release Their First Full-Length Album, ‘Sun Goes Down’, In Time for Fall

Fittingly titled for a fall release, Sun Goes Down by The Tisburys feels like a collection of music from nostalgic eras, spanning from the 1960s to the 80s, and united together on one reflective album. Vibing off the sounds of John Mellencamp, Vanity Fair, Tom Petty, and Wilco, this album feels like an old favorite the first time through.

It would do well played on vinyl through old speakers, wafting through an open house. Notes drift out onto the front porch, swept away into the afternoon by a cool fall breeze, as you dance from room to room.

Originally intended to be a six-song EP, Sun Goes Down turned into The Tisburys’ first full length album, extended after the quarantine hit.

“Since we weren’t able to play shows at all, it made sense to focus on writing and recording,” said frontman Tyler Asay. “I began to think about what made these songs work together, came up with the title for the album (which comes from lead single ‘Fading Light’), and having that concept created an avenue to write more songs.” 

The album plays like a well-told tale, opening with wide-eyed determination in “Fade Away,” and ending with bittersweet reflection, hope, and intention in “Remember You.” Adventure, conflict, love, and spirituality float in between the two, and keep you swaying, humming, and tapping your toes along with the beat. 

Experience “Sun Goes Down” by The Tisburys for yourself below.

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