Daily Spinn: Columbia Jones Presents the Highs and Lows of Life on the Road

Sometimes, the only feeling more palpable than the rush of a new infatuation, is the hangover that comes with realizing that it was only temporary.

With that, we check in with Salt Lake City troubadour Columbia Jones. Our recent Quinn Spinn guest just released his two-song EP, Sweat / Shiver, that helps us to ride the rollercoaster between love and loneliness.

Opening track “Sweat” starts us off. This tune begins as a dark-folk ballad with a swaying rhythm, which hypnotizes the listener like the enchanting prospect of new love. Through it all, our well-traveled protagonist seems to understand that he’s been here before, in a place of fleeting attraction that will only last until he heads to the next town. This feeling lingers for three minutes. Then, a brief pause ensues before a rollicking, uptempo outro takes over, complete with a pulsing bass drum that thumps like a heart in restless anticipation.

But then… we have the hangover. “Shiver” is a lonesome, alternative rock-tinged ballad that represents the realization that the previous night’s thrills were only for the moment. As a traveling musician, Jones sings of the melancholy that comes with leaving those you love behind, as you give into the siren song that echoes whenever it’s time to hit the road.

Ride the highs and lows with us, and check out today’s Daily Spinn!

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