Daily Spinn: TIOGA Has Been Thinking ‘Bad Things’

TIOGA’s new single, “Bad Things,” came out of a Talking Heads cover session. That influence is apparent on the track, and acknowledged by the band, who likened the single to if “David Byrne decided to hop in a spaceship and make a record that tackles simultaneously wanting to be alone, but not being able to deal with the solitude of one’s thoughts.”

Indeed, there’s an eerie, goth-pop ambiance to the new track — one that lends itself to the creep of one’s darkest thoughts in moments of loneliness. Brooding synths and a bubbly bass groove drive “Bad Things” forward, as lead vocalist Greg Adams finds himself caught in the crosshairs of two different shades of anxiety: the anti-social kind, which make us want to turn away from social situations, and the uneasiness of being alone in a less-than-optimal mental state.

“I complain about the crowd, but I don’t know what to do when I’m alone.”

“Don’t stop talking to me.
I don’t know what the silence brings.
I’ve been thinking Bad Things.”

-Lyrical excerpts from TIOGA’s “Bad Things”

“Bad Things” was produced by Arthur Besna (Triple One, Bret James, Molly Moore), mixed by Paul Kimsal, and mastered by Alex Saltz (David Bowie, Vampire Weekend). Jam to it as today’s Daily Spinn!

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