Daily Spinn: Spencer Thomas Smith’s Road Runs Through ‘O H I O’

Before departing Tennessee to move to Connecticut, folk songwriter Spencer Thomas Smith used his friend’s 4TRAK to capture one lasting moment.

That moment is the raw ballad, “O H I O,” an honest lo-fi recording which features only Smith, an acoustic guitar, and a harmonica. Smith reminisces on the track about his time touring with the band Edward and Jane, where he fondly recalls “sitting and dreaming in different skylines, smoking too many cigarettes, and eating too much ice cream after getting drunk.”

“People have been known to call me a modern-day (Bob) Dylan. I don’t write for the crowds, I write because I have to,” Smith said. “I hope that when you listen, you are provoked to a memory, a feeling, a moment that is all your own.”

Get lost in the moment of “O H I O” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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