UMC20: Now in 20 Different Flavors! (Nov. 9, 2020)

OK… so, every UMC20 playlist technically comes in 20 different flavors. That’s not the point. The point is that this one feels special.

OK, they all feel special. Each playlist is unique and fleeting like a snowflake, which melts away after a week, making way for a renewed batch of jams.

Even so, the variety of sonic vibrations you are about to enjoy is a compilation not to be missed. It will never quite exist in exactly this form again. So, savor these moments together, and find a few more of your favorite songs below.

Track listing
Anytime Soon – Jelly Donut Season
Allison Mahal – Me Now
The Ellameno Beat – Break Through
Moody Joody – Villain
Mary Moore – Moonstone
DeTeresa – Catastrophes
Chey Rose – Number One
DaChri – For Worse or Better
TONYB. – You Knew What This Was
Ria Marie – 90s Baby
Talia Stewart – Who Am I Without You Telling Me So
Corrin Campbell – Heavy (Orchestral Version)
Jutaun – Where Do We Go
Columbia Jones – Shiver
Josh Kelley ft. All Voices – Hold Me My Lord
Andrew C. Marshall – Blue
Katie Cole – Hands Tied
Lauren Davidson – Going Nowhere
Jarrod Dickenson – Try Me
Ali Aslam ft. Ruby Landen – The Little Picture

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