Jutaun Returns With Powerful (and Timely) Ballad, “Where Do We Go”

Jake Evans, James Evans, and Samoeun Cheng are the core powerhouses of Jutaun, an incredibly talented and versatile band with seemingly no genre limits. They recently released “Where Do We Go,” a powerful ballad with an extremely relevant message for the times.

A shamelessly nostalgic piano preludes the overarching question posed by this record…

“Where do we go from here, when it all stops making sense?
How do we start over again, when we’ve already put so much in?”

Sonically, this band has been leaning a little more on the retro side of life these days, in all of the best ways. That being said, their infectious harmonies and knack for songwriting has remained on “Where Do We Go.” For reference, I can’t help but compare this track to the likes of Dan Fogelberg (Exiles, 1987) and Poco (Under The Gun, 1980).

I’m enjoying the rest of Jutaun’s discography, and I’m excited to hear what they come up with next! Enjoy “Where Do We Go” below!

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