Daily Spinn: Loryn Taggart Finds Her Strength on ‘The River’

Montreal-based songwriter Loryn Taggart has made quite a name for herself north of the border. After leaving home at age 16 to pursue music full-time in Toronto, Taggart has had the good fortune of touring the country, opening for the likes of prominent Canadian folk artist Donovan Woods, and scoring several award nominations along the way.

Last week, Taggart released her latest single, “The River,” in preparation for the arrival of her full-length debut album this spring. Described by Taggart as an “acoustic, nostalgic and emotional track about empowerment, and focusing on the strength in your own individuality,” the tune allows Taggart to search for that strength, with the support of a gently-swaying rhythm and gorgeous, sweeping string arrangements.

Then, around the 3:45 mark, a remarkable shift takes place. The once-plodding percussion suddenly becomes thunderous and lively, while the string section’s newfound exuberance represents a breakthrough. Simultaneously, the single’s lonely narrative changes to one of independence, as our protagonist realizes that she has everything she needs to “swim” on her own.

It’s time to take your power back, and this Daily Spinn is a great place to start. Cross “The River” below!

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