Charity Bliss Issues a Wake-Up Call on ‘Welcome to Right Now’

Throughout 2020, we’ve all received a wake up call or two. We’ve had to look in the mirror, get with the times, and realize that there are circumstances all around us that, without necessarily affecting us, may negatively impact our friends and neighbors.

For Brendan Machowski of Charity Bliss, the band’s latest single, “Welcome to Right Now,” is a way to ring the alarm for those who have been slow to see issues beyond their own narrow purviews. The tune combines a contagious pop punk energy with glistening future pop synths, while Machowski’s soaring melody calls out the ways certain segments of society ignore — and even dismiss — the disenfranchised, in an often thinly-veiled effort to maintain their own interests.

The future is right now, and it’s up to you to answer the bell. Welcome yourself to right now by having a listen to this one below!

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