Antonio Lopez’s ‘Going to the City’ is More Than Meets the Eye

Antonio Lopez’s new single, “Going to the City,” is autobiographical in one sense. The southern Colorado native migrated from his home to the more urbanized region of the state in pursuit of a music career.

Even so — and, even taking into account the opportunities and bright lights brought about by the big city — the single takes larger issues into account. In fact, look beneath the surface of this thoughtful mid-tempo folk tune, and you’ll find a narrative which contemplates how urbanization — of people and places — causes us to lose our wilderness in lockstep with our humanity.

That message is delivered both sonically and lyrically. The recurring phrase “to grow further from nature is the nature of the man” repeats in the bridge as a gentle, minimalist soundscape increases in depth. A women’s chorus begins to emerge, subtly at first, before growing in strength. This calls attention to the male and female energies whose imbalance, Lopez believes, causes many of the planet’s misunderstandings. The balance achieved in the end projects an enduring message of hope — one which insists that, no matter our troubles, we can work find common ground.

“It is natural for humans to gather, share ideas, and work together. In this lifetime, we will be facing our greatest challenges yet,” Lopez said. “If we work together and not apart, we have the ingenuity to overcome these obstacles. In the process, we can transform society aiding in the flourishing of both humanity and nature.”

A lot of love went into “Going to the City,” and we want to give you a chance to experience it first-hand. Have a listen below!

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